Tuesday, September 7, 2004
New Book from Rodney Johnson

Rodney Johnson, one of the Project Managers in the new Automation Department, has recently published his first book titled Thomas Edisonís "Ogden Baby".

The book tells the history of The New Jersey & Pennsylvania Concentrating Works, which was created, financed, and run by Thomas Edison. The mill was located near Ogdensburg on top of Sparta Mountain about 35 miles from the Tri-Power office on New Road. Over one hundred pictures, reprints of 19th Century magazine articles and detailed maps, including aerial photos, illustrate this not so well known part of Edisonís career.

Thomas Edison started construction of his mill to concentrate iron ore in 1889 and developed new and very innovative automation for the next 11 years. The price of ore, unfortunately, dropped to a point where it was no longer an economical proposition. When he finally closed his doors he had lost almost $2,500,000.00 of his own money. Edison's "Ogden Baby" was truly a labor of love. For more information: contact Rodney or see www.map-maker.net for sample photographs.